Current positions

  • Assistant Professor / Maître de conférences – Sciences Po Aix
  • Associate researcher – University of Pau


  • PhD in Economics, Globalization and Governance: a regional and urban economic analysis, University of Pau, December 2013.
    • Commitee: P.-P. Combes, J. de Sousa, F. Robert-Nicoud, S. Rey, F.-C. Wolff.
    • Supervisors: A. Bouët, F. Candau.


  • List of publications
  • Work in progress
    • Spatial Employment Polarization with F. Cerina, A. Moro and M. Rendall
    • The Spatial Effects of Green Regulation with F. Candau
    • Factory Towns and World Cities with F. Candau
    • Trade, Poverty and Inter-household Transfers in a dual-dual Economy

Here the complete version to download.