Work in progress
  • Density, Urban Structure  and Air Pollution, D. Castells and M. Krause.
  • The Spatial Effects of Green Regulation, with F. Candau
  • Factory Towns and World Cities, with F. Candau
  • Trade, Poverty and inter-household transfers in a dual-dual economy
Selected publications
Other publications
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OLD Working papers
  • Candau F. and Dienesch E. 2013. Does Globalization explain urbanization in the World and in Asia. CATT working paper.
  • Candau F. and Dienesch E. 2011. A Survey on the Micro-Foundations of the Trade Gravity Equation. SSRN
  • Bouët A., Debucquet-Laborde D., Dienesch E., Elliott K. 2010. The Costs and Benefits of DutyFree, Quota-Free Market Access for Poor Countries: Who and What Matters, IFPRI discussion paper N°990 ,  CGD working paper N°206  and CATT working paper N°11.